Personalized tours are a wonderful way to get the most out of your museum visit. A private Museum visit is ideal for your book club, garden club, birthday party, school trip or corporate event.

The Museum is a great place for group trips and is fully accessible. For more information, please call 803.343.2163 or email


  • Adult Groups
  • K-12 School Groups
  • How to Schedule

Art du Jour Tour & Lunch

This special opportunity allows groups to enjoy an elegant lunch in the Museum's garden themed Orientation Gallery, designed and painted by trompe l'oeil artist Christian Thee. Lunch is followed by a private guided tour of special exhibitions or permanent collection galleries of your choosing. This program can accommodate up to 30 individuals. *Please note, this special program requires at least 3 week's booking notice.

Groups can choose from two delicious lunch options:

*Price includes group admission.

Box Lunch Special includes two wraps, salad, dessert, and beverage. $25 per person

Buffet Lunch Special includes entree, two sides, dessert, and beverage. $35 per person

Docent-Led Tour

Interested in an in-depth tour of the Museum's Collection or traveling exhibition? Schedule a docent led tour for your group. Guided tours are led by the Museum's dedicated Volunteer Educator Corp and are a great way to obtain a better understanding of the Museum's exhibitions.

  • $10 per person (non-ticketed exhibitions)
  • Minimum of 10 individuals
  • $80 non-refundable reservation deposit fee
  • Book at least 2 weeks prior to your visit

Self-Directed Tour

Schedule a date to view the Museum's galleries at your own pace. Informative text panels in the newly reinstalled galleries will enhance your experience.

Make your reservation early! We ask that all groups of 10 or more schedule their visit through the Museum's Group Tour Manager, even if not requesting a guided tour, to assure the best visit possible. The Group Tour Manager can advise you on the best days and times to avoid peak hours. Please call 803.343.2163 or email

The Museum's education programs are recognized for their curriculum-based approach. The Museum is a resource where people of all ages and backgrounds can come for enrichment, inspiration and learning. Interactive gallery tours based on the Museum's art collection or temporary exhibitions can be combined with hands-on creative projects in the studios. Each visit brings your students new discovery and we look forward to seeing you and your students! All school groups, including self-guided groups, must have a reservation. School Group Tour pricing is only available during the week (Tuesday through Friday).

  • $5 per person | $3 per person Richland County Schools)
  • Required number of chaperones free (one adult per 10 students) $10 extra per chaperone
  • Minimum of 10 students
  • $35 on-refundable reservation deposit fee
  • Book at least 2 weeks prior to your visit

Boyd Plaza, in front of the Museum, is a lovely spot for enjoying bag lunches on sunny days. Finlay Park, located within one block of the Museum, is also a great location.

  1. Review the Museum's programs and write down any questions you may have.
  2. Determine at least two dates and times when you may be able to schedule your visit.
  3. Check on the availability of your transportation for these dates.
  4. Call the museum reservation line at 803.343.2163, or email and provide the following information:
    1. Name of contact person
    2. School or organization and address
    3. Telephone number with area code
    4. Age or grade level for school tours
    5. Size of group
    6. Title of program requested
    7. Two possible dates and times for the tour
    8. Any special needs your group might have

Group Tour Policy

Arrival Time: Please arrange for your group to arrive fifteen minutes before your scheduled program.

Late Arrival: Flat tire? Bad weather? Sick child? Please call us if you know that you are running late! We will make every effort to accommodate you or to reschedule the program. Remember that tours are tightly scheduled. Groups that fail to arrive within fifteen minutes of the scheduled time without prior approval will forfeit their reservation. No exceptions.

Group Size: A minimum of ten students (school groups) or adults (adult groups) constitute a group.

Payment: A non-refundable reservation deposit of $35 (school groups) or $80 (adult groups) will be charged for every reservation. Admission fees are due upon the time of arrival and are requested to be paid in one payment form.

Cancellations, Rescheduling, and Other Changes: The Museum will work with you to select another date if needed; however, rescheduled dates are subject to availability.  Call Kayleigh at 803.343.2163 or email is you need to cancel or reschedule your reservation as soon as possible. Also, please let us know if the size of your group varies significantly from that listed on your confirmation. If your group decreases to fewer than ten participants, you are still required to pay the minimum group rate.

Special Needs: Please inform us of any special needs that your group members may have when you book your reservation. This allows our staff adequate time to insure that these needs are met. For those with physical disabilities, the Museum offers full accessibility.

Identification: Identification tags with a child’s name clearly printed are requested and enable our Volunteer Educators to personalize your program.

College Instructors

Instructors interested in a specific exhibition or area of the Museum's collection should contact the Group Tour Manager at least two weeks in advance and inform about any special objectives your group might have. The more we know, the better your group's experience will be! Programs described for high school students can also be adapted for college students.

Home School Parents and Leaders of Multi-age Groups

The Museum is an excellent resource for home-schooled students. You may either choose to schedule a tour program or you can register for the One Room School House, a program developed especially for home-schooled children. Communicate any special needs or requests well in advance and we will make every effort to work with you in providing the most effective program for your group. We recommend that children are grouped by age and grade level whenever possible. If you are planning a self-directed visit, we recommend that group leaders visit the Museum prior to the group visit.