November 4, 2011


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Like chocolate and peanut butter, like whiskey and cola, Free Times and the Columbia Museum of Art are two great tastes that go great together. And since two heads are better than one, Free Times and the Columbia Museum of Art have partnered two of their signature events — the Free Times Music Crawl and Arts & Draughts — to create one, mega-huge, ultra-big super event. Started in 1999, the Music Crawl is Free Times’ annual celebration of local and regional music, growing from a small-time shindig into one of Columbia’s signature musical events.

The Bands

7:00 The Lumineers

Winner of the "Best Surrounding Area Band" in the 2009 HMA's (Hoboken Music Awards)

"Honest and unadorned orchestral folk" with an EP that is "top-to-bottom, full of wisdom." - Kiernan Maletsky of Westword

"Disarmingly simple, sincere music that?s as raggedy and ramshackle as it is heartfelt and human" - Eric Eyl - The Denver Post

8:00 Say Brother
Though Dylan-backing garage band The Hawks eventually transformed into The Band, the group?s style changed quite a bit between monikers. But for Columbia?s Say Brother, it appears as though the intervening years never happened. On the group?s ?All I Got is Time,? a knee-slappin? backbeat of acoustic guitar and banjo gives way to a gritty blues riff and a twang-filled rant about a woman who went and left. Yanking styles from two sides of the same family tree and shoving them onto one branch, Say Brother makes country-rock edgy and exciting, like a hoe-down where amphetamines are doled out to everyone in attendance.
- Free Times
9:00 Mac Leaphart
"With his salty swagger, Mac Leaphart is the kind of artist who writes tunes that should be famous. Leaphart?s raspy tenor sells the hardscrabble scenes to the max." - Greenville Metromix
10:00 Shovels and Ropes
Necessity is the mother of invention. Less is more. Make it work with what you've got. 2 Guitars, a junkyard drum kit harvested from an actual garbage heap and adorned with tambourines, flowers and kitchen rags. A handful of harmonicas, voices, and above all...songs. Shovels & Rope prefer to keep it simple. Prepare to rethink your definition of a live rock band.

The Beer

Winter seasonal ales are often referred to as Winter Warmers due to their bold flavors and higher alcohol. Winterhook is an excellent example of this style with its rich, full body and deep chestnut color. It is brewed with nine different varieties of malt, giving the beer its complex malt profile with the perfect hints of chocolate and caramel. Red Hook adds four hop charges to balance the malt sweetness, leaving the beer with the perfect balance. More Info

Beer tasting and cash bar provided by The Whig



Make the Collection come to life. Recreate our favorite works on display with the help of your friends and photographers Forrest Clonts and Jonathan Goley.


Scavenger hunt through
A Tale of Two Sisters


Buy Tickets - Arts and Draughts only: 8 bucks, 5 for members; Arts and Draughts and Music Crawl: 13 bucks

The Food

Bone-In Artisan Barbecue Truck on Wheels Earth Fare

Art Tour

8:30 - Unique perspective tour with Cindi Boiter looking for The Good Girl vs the Bad Girl in the CMA’s Collection.

DIY Project

Excercise your art skills with a creative do-it-yourself project. A featured artist will instruct and inspire your craftiness.