February 4, 2012


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Interactive Installation

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The Bands

7:30 Andy Friedman
Here's what happens to twang when it steeps in Brooklyn gin joints instead of Austin honky-tonks: it becomes a bit darker and more gnarled, and though it likes the sun on its back, it can thrive in the shadows.
8:45 Those Lavender Whales
Aaron Graves grew up playing drums in Columbia, SC. When he moved to Nashville, TN in 2003 for college, Graves started writing and recording quirky folk-pop songs under the moniker "Those Lavender Whales." Using borrowed instruments and noises from objects found around his room, these songs were usually sent to friends and family or performed in close quarters.

9:45 The Get Wets
A guitar-less garage rock band? Believe it. With drums, organ, bass, and plenty of sing-along hollerin?, local troupe The Get Wets deliver on the promise of its moniker. Like a 1960s frat party (more Animal House than MTV Spring Break), The Get Wets mesh surf rock, doo-wop and R&B into a garage jam to be reckoned with. The approach gives its results the effect of a drunken jam session, more shouted than sung, more thrown-together than practiced, and more fun than it really ought to be. But recklessness is fun, almost by nature, and The Get Wets? reckless rock & roll is entrancing in its audacity and captivating in its conviction
- The Free Times

The Beer

Even though there is nothing that can replace the direct sensory experience, let us try to describe the flavour of Czechvar beer. The first impression you get is a pleasurable and delightfully hoppy aroma. The delicate and yet rich malt flavour causes our beer, from even the first sip, to glide smoothly down your throat - maybe even too smoothly. it leaves a fine, pleasantly bitter taste that disappears so slowly… that you are already beginning to look forward to another perfectly flavour-balanced sip.
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Beer tasting and cash bar provided by The Whig


Featured Partner

The UU Coffeehouse is sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia. The UU offers a family friendly, smoke and alcohol free listening environment for the appreciation of folk and singer/songwriter music. The UU is located at 2701 Heyward Street in Columbia, South Carolina, at the corner of Heyward and Woodrow Streets.

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The Food

New York’s Famous Hot Dogs Bone-In Artisan Barbecue Truck on Wheels

Art Tour

The Free Time's new Food & Drink Editor leads a tasty tour through the Museum's galleries.

David Shelley, Education Coordinator at Congaree National Park gives a tour through Nature and the Grand American Vision. *Members only*

DIY Project

Whether you have a Valentine, if you’re looking for one, or if you just got dumped, create your own valentine or anti-valentine DIY art project with our volunteers!