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WednesdayNovember 28
Art School: Painting the Rothko Way 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.Art School: Painting the Rothko Way
Create your own canvas of vibrant paintings in the style of Mark Rothko. Students (ages 16 and up) learn about brushes, paint application tools, canvas construction, color theory and how to build up multiple layers using modern acrylic paint and mediums. Instructor Grant N. Jackson holds an M.F.A. in painting from Florida State University and has taught courses at the CMA since 2003.
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  • $100 / $80 for members for 4 week series
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FridayNovember 30
A Conversation and Book Signing with Christopher Rothko NoonA Conversation and Book Signing with Christopher Rothko
The Columbia Museum of Art welcomes artist Mark Rothko's son, Christopher, to the Museum for a book signing and an engaging conversation with exhibition catalogue editor Dr. Brad Collins.

"Having Christopher share heartfelt insight on his father's work gives our visitors a unique and very personal connection to the artist's family," CMA Executive Director, Karen Brosius, said. "CMA visitors are responding to Christopher's involvement in the TAP multimedia tour and his introductory essay in the catalogue in a powerful way. His visit will add more depth to their CMA experience."

Christopher has lectured extensively on his father's work at museums around the world, including the National Gallery of Art, Washington; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; The Getty Museum, Los Angeles; The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago and The Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg. He writes and edits numerous pieces on his father's artwork, prepares many of the Rothko exhibitions and was closely involved with the planning of the Rothko Centennial celebrations in Latvia and Russia in 2003. He is the editor of the book of his father's philosophical writings on art, The Artist's Reality.

"What the 1940s means above all for (Mark) Rothko is change. It is change on every level – artistic, technical, philosophical, professional, personal, attitudinal, aspirational – change so palpable it nearly bursts the seams of every canvas," Christopher said. "Rothko enters the decade a figurative painter and leaves it one of the most strikingly abstract. This is an exciting journey, for the viewer, as it was for the painter. Rothko is looking for something, looking intently, and we can search with him."

The book, The Artist's Reality, and the exhibition catalogue (in hard cover and soft cover) are available in the Museum Shop.