Cool and Collected: New Art at the CMA

Sep 20, 2013 - Jan 5, 2014

A museum's permanent collection is at the heart of its mission. The Columbia Museum of Art's mission is to offer visual experiences that "engage the mind and enrich the spirit." As we work to make these words into reality, the museum is hugely fortunate to have the support of enthusiastic patrons and donors. Over the past few years, a number of brilliant gifts have come to the CMA, and thus to the community we serve. The CMA has also made a select number of purchases designed to chip away at the remaining gaps in its ever-growing collection. In these two galleries, highlights of these gifts and purchases are on view.

As the CMA moves into the future, it is ever mindful that to serve a diverse audience eager for knowledge, it must provide art and education worthy of the time and attention of those we serve. Cool and Collected is evidence of our ongoing commitment to bring the highest quality possible to Columbia, and to make it accessible to all who wish to see.