• Portrait of a Young Man
  • c. 1570
  • Alessandro Allori
  • Italian (Florentine)
  • 1535-1607
  • Oil on wood panel
  • CMA 1962.26

As Renaissance humanism drove more scholars and artists to study the many complexities and wonders of humanity, a natural outgrowth was the marked increase in the demand for portraits. This portrait of a young Florentine aristocrat is typical of the Mannerist style promoted by the Medici court in Florence. There is a fascination with technique and attention to surface detail that results in a pristine, porcelain-like appearance to the young manís face with little insight to personality. This sobriety and calm firmness, almost superiority, was a well-known attribute of Florentine nobility, and portraits like this one acted as an example of Medici grandeur created in Florence.

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