• The Virgin and Four Saints
  • c. 1450-1460
  • Venetian Workshop, possibly that of Michele Giambono
  • Italian (Venetian)
  • c. 1450-1460
  • tempera painting on fruitwood panel
  • CMA 1954.24

These five panels were originally part of a larger altarpiece that would have included a scene of the Crucifixion between the two sorrowful figures of the Virgin and St. John the Evangelist. The panels also include images of St. Jerome, St. John the Baptist (in his hairshirt), and St. Nicholas of Bari holding his attribute of the three gold balls. Venice had become wealthy through trade with the East, and this contact with the lavish art of the Byzantine Empire had a lasting impact on the art of Venice through the 15th century seen here in the plain gold background and particularly in the gold striations in the Virginís cloak and the delicate tilt of her head.

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